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House Leader John Boehner Answers People’s Questions

January 26, 2009
CNN’s Mark Preston delivers viewer questions to Minority Leader John Boehner in a ‘Digg Dialogg
Check out the interview during Presidential Inauguration week. The questions were:

# Why is it that drugs (alcohol, tobacco) that kill thousands of people each year are legal, yet other drugs (marijuana) which are used for medical purposes and do far less harm and don’t cause death, are illegal?
# How can the republican party reclaim it’s old positions of small government, low taxes, and personal responsibility?
# Where did the bailout money go? When will the American taxpayer receive a full report?
# If the Republican party is supposedly about “deregulation” and smaller government, why are many in favor of stricter policies about marriage, marijuana, abortion, and other issues?
# Why should I, a responsible homeowner who pays her mortgage every month, help foot the bill for those who acted irresponsibly, getting way in over their heads, borrowing money that they had no business borrowing? Why should they be helped? How is bailing out negligent homeowners encouraging responsibility?
# Why are republicans (and Congress in general) so unable to control spending? Fiscal conservatism has completely escaped your grasp, both during the majority years of President Bush, and in the minority years as well. “Bailouts”, misguided spending, and wasteful pork are rampant in Washington, D.C., yet you’ve done nothing to stop these problems. Why not?
# Do you know what net neutrality is and do you support it?
# Is waterboarding torture?
# What will you do to reach out to the Ron Paul republicans and like minded, libertarian leaning republicans?
# Do you support the idea of moving divisive issues like abortion, marriage laws, etc to the state level?
# Being a Republican in college is not easy, in fact its not cool. What can the Republican party do to attract the youth? And what are we doing wrong?

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You’ve voted on the top questions!

The question period has ended for Republican House Leader John Boehner. Here’s how it worked: Digg Dialogg lets you submit your questions to notable people – you can even include a video of your question by posting it on iReport. We pose the top questions, as submitted and voted on by the Digg community.

Check out previous Digg Dialoggs with Speaker Pelosi and Al Gore.

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