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The results of Feminism

March 22, 2011
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But still, I believe that feminism has contributed more than its fair share to this tendency of women to try to hang on to their youth.

If an older woman is competing against a younger woman for a man’s attention, then perhaps she will do whatever she can to make herself look younger.

If this is true, then the situation Gloria is railing against is the fallout from feminist policies.

Believing that women should be liberated from their marriages, feminism also worked long and hard to destigmatize divorce.

Over the past four decades this, unsurprisingly, has produced a spike in the divorce rate.
In turn, this has created a new cohort, the fortysomething divorcees who are back on the mating market, looking for second husbands.
It makes you wish for a return to the old days when people married young and built a life together. But, of course, feminism hated those days…
feminism has helped to create a class of thirtysomething husband-seekers whose prospective mates are eyeing younger women.
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