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Take great Astrophotos

October 19, 2010
clipped from
clipped from

Messier 51, the “Whirlpool” Galaxy, imaged with a telescope and DSLR

Comet Lulin (C2007 / N3)

Comet Lulin with a DSLR and telescope

A star party under the Milky Way

Big Dipper
A DSLR photo of the Big Dipper

Take Great Astrophotos Your First Night Out

In A Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Astrophotography, you’ll start out taking simple astrophotos with a DSLR, camera lens, and fixed tripod… equipment you may already own.  But just because these photos are easy to take, it doesn’t mean you won’t get great results, as the photo below will show you.

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