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Early humans in Indonesia for 1 million years

March 18, 2010
Very interesting can of worms this has opened. Worth reading the lot.
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Scientists have discovered evidence that early humans were living on the Indonesian island of Flores at least one million years ago.

An archaeological dig has discovered stone tools that have pushed back the age that hominins were living on the island.

Now scientists are speculating that this mystery human may have evolved into the now famous hobbit of Flores.

Dr Adam Brumm, a research fellow at the Centre for Archaeological Science at the University of Wollongong, was part of a team that went to Indonesia to find out just how long humans have been living on Australia’s doorstep.

Their work is published today in the science journal Nature.

“We’ve found a site in the Soa Basin of Flores, which is in central Flores, which back dates the known occupation of early humans on the island by at least 120,000 years,” he said.

Dr Brumm and his colleagues dug up some primitive stone tools.

that are dated by the argon dating technique to one million years ago,
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