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Guachimontones a treasure among Mexico’s archaeological sites

March 1, 2010
One of Mexico’s newest archaeological sites
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Other Mexican archaeological sites have ball courts, but many of them have a hoop placed high on the walls. Some ancient wall paintings show that bats or arms could be used. At Guachimontones in Western Mexico, players competed on a long, narrow court between low walls without a hoop. They hit the ball, probably a stone covered with rubber, only with the hip. Male skeletons unearthed here show a high propensity for broken pelvises.

Guachimontones ballgame was considerably tamer than elsewhere. The winners did not pluck out the heart of the losers, as the Maya did, nor did they play ball with a severed head
an unusual site in other ways. Its pyramids are round, a feature unique in the world except in this region. Archaeologists label this culture the Teuchitlan tradition for the town of the same name near Guachimontones. Its cultural and economic high points were probably reached 200-400 AD, though people lived here as early as 1000 BC, and people continued to live here afterward
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