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Christin TV Promotes Suicide Attacks….er, Wait

February 11, 2010
The despicable trap the Muslim clergy uses young impressionable minds
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When watching this video and reading about the glories due to the shahids (martyrs), remember that in the Qur’an a martyr is not simply one who dies for Allah, but one who kills for Allah and is killed in the process (9:111). So this whole sermon is essentially a recruitment video for suicide attackers.

The privileges that are bestowed upon the one who dies for Allah and mentioned in the hadith are:
1- The Shahid’s sins are forgiven
2- He sees his place in Paradise and lives a full life of joy with Allah
3- He is protected from “the Great Shock” on Judgment Day
4- He is crowned with a crown of honor
5- He marries 72 dark-eyed wives

6- He will be able to intervene on behalf of 70 of his family members on Judgment Day, thereby ensuring them the reward of Afterlife

For years, both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have promoted the ideal of dying as a Martyr for Allah. The promotion has been successful. […]

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  1. April 4, 2010 2:16 pm

    no comen


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