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Makhounik Village – The Legendary Lilliput of Iran

December 16, 2009
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Photos: Makhounik Village – The Legendary Lilliput of Iran – Village of Makhounik has been nicknamed as the Lilliput of Iran and the
land of tiny people. This is due to short height and
stature of the inhabitants of this village. 

Makhounik is located about 142 kilometers from the city of Birjand in Iran’s
South Khorasan province. The village is only 1/2 hour away from Afghanistan
The houses in Makhounik have a special geometrical shape. Also, the customs
of the inhabitants, which seem to belong to the distant past,
have remained intact to this day. This includes judicial,
and agricultural practices and the kind of games they play at the village.

The residents of Makhounik
have Afghan origins who seem to have migrated to this village about three or
four centuries ago.
marriage among the village people and nutritional habits have been contributing
factors to keeping the residents short
nutritional changes
improvements are being seen

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