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Cody the dog may have lost his job

December 10, 2009
Update on Cody
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Everyday Cody the dog has greeted patrons of the Clearwater, Fla., BP gas station and convenience store. He’s a popular fixture, warming hearts and bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. But this week Cody may have lost his job for good.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that on Thursday, Cody’s owner and BP store owner, Karim Mansour, received a notice from the Florida Department of Agriculture that said Cody was a source of food contamination. The report stated, “Prohibited animals present in a food establishment. Dog seen in retail area.”

“The guy was told this is not sanitary to have an animal running around in the area where food is kept,” Terence McElroy, Department of Agriculture spokesman, told the Times. “We all love dogs. But the fact of the matter, as far as we’re concerned, nothing’s more important than preventing food contamination.”

Even though all the food sold by the store is packaged or bottled, Mansour said he is complying for now and has been leaving Cody at home.
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