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When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

December 3, 2009
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National Geographic announced the discovery of five ancient crocs, including one with teeth like boar tusks and another with a snout like a duck’s bill.

This discovery was made by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Paul Sereno
and recently featured on the National Geographic Channel as part of the
“Expedition Week” series – click here for more info.

Even though the episode aired
already, we just could not pass the opportunity to share with you exclusive
pictures of these incredible croc monsters walking on the face of the Earth
several hundred millions years ago and eating… dinosaurs for

Back when crocodiles were the ruling T. Rexes of the waters.
They galloped on land, ambushed prey at the river’s edge … even terrorized
dinosaurs. And more, these swift predators evolved through the ages into the
modern crocs we know today:

Even relatively small “duck” crocodiles were the “stuff of nightmares”:

Now, armed with newly discovered prehistoric crocodile bones, Explorer-in-

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