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Man has lived for a year without spending a penny

December 1, 2009
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Mr Boyle, an Irish-born economics graduate and former businessman, blogs online about his life using a solar-powered laptop on wi-fi time he earns in return for carrying out odd jobs on a local farm.
‘Its been the happiest year of my life, and I will continue indefinitely, so I do not see any reason to return to a money-orientated world,’ he said.
‘It has been really liberating. It does have challenges but I do not have the stresses of bank accounts, bills, traffic jams and long hours in a job I don’t enjoy.
‘The most difficult part has been socialising with friends, I have missed that aspect. Instead of going to the pub I make camp fires, play music or go for walks.’
He had tried to walk from Bristol to India relying entirely on people’s goodwill and generosity but had to give up a month in after facing difficulties in France.
He said: ‘In the next 20 years people will have to start addressing what they consume and how they live.
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