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what’s the deal with the moon?

November 21, 2009
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I have become extremely confused on what is going on with the Moon. I like the Moon. It is always there, always lovely to view but recently a bit confusing.
Over the years there have been multiple articles written about our Moon. I have read the controversy concerning possible bases on the Moon. I have read all types of theories that the Moon is inhabited by Alien bases to those that the nations of planet earth have been secretly building bases on it for years.
I sifted through piles of debate on the issue of our Moon landing in 1969 that runs from it being a great step for mankind to the idea it never really happened.
Recently we spent over 70 million dollars to blow a hole in the moon. I must say I find this a bit extreme knowing how many problems here on earth could have benefited far more with that money spent on more human life type problems.

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