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The sky above Galloway Forest Park Scotland

November 19, 2009
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Galloway Forest Park

It’s in the stars: This image of the night sky above Galloway Forest Park appears circular as it was created with a special ‘fisheye’ lens. The park has been voted one of the best places for stargazing in the world

The award, presented by the
International Dark Sky Association (IDA), recognises the quality of the
night sky in the area, where light pollution is minimal.

The pitch-black sky makes it easy to see distant galaxies such as the Milky Way and Andromeda.
Until now, there have been only three other Dark Sky Parks in the world – the Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah, the Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania and the Geauga Park in Ohio.
The IDA said the new addition was a ‘fantastic asset’ for the network of such parks.
‘Its location is ideally situated for access from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and northern England, meaning that many people, including children, may have access to a quality night sky, both now and in generations to come.

Galloway Forest Park
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