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World in Motion – Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009

November 4, 2009
In the space of 20 weeks, the world’s biggest photo contests, Digital Camera magazine’s Photographer of the Year, received a massive 101,000 online entries from 126 countries.The overall £10,000 prize winner will be announced at the exhibition of winning and commended entries, taking place at Mall Galleries, London. The exhibit will be open to the public from the 9th – 13th December. A full list of the shortlisted entries across all 10 categories can be seen now at –
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TAXI - Abdullah Al Hasawi, Saudi Arabia

Here are the shortlisted entries – in alphabetical
order – in the World in Motion category, sponsored by the Telegraph.
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Dancer and Her Dog - Amni Amry, Malaysia

Dancer and Her Dog

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Propulsion - Betina La Plante, United States


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TYR - Betina La Plante, United States


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Life in Motion - Cumhur Kaplan, Turkey

Life in Motion

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Bird Battles - Denis Glennon, Australia

Bird Battles

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First Ride - Dibyendu Dey Choudhury, India

First Ride

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Modern Bridge - Giuseppe (Pino) Bucca, Italy

Modern Bridge

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The Green Express - Johannes Johannesson, Iceland

The Green Express

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Aqua da Musica - Kerstin Enderlein, Germany

Aqua da Musica

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Northsea - Kerstin Enderlein, Germany


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Behind a Waterfall - Konstantin Shcherbak, Iceland

Behind a Waterfall

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Vietnam04 - Luis Davilla, Spain


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Little Planet Dive - Rob Whitworth, UK

Little Planet Dive

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Tunnel - Maciej Dakowicz, UK


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Soul of Mr Hitchcock - Maciej Makowski, Poland

Soul of Mr Hitchcock

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Lunar Eclipse - Mariette Geest, Netherlands

Lunar Eclipse

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The Chase is on? - Michael Hume, UK

The Chase is on?

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The Pacu Jawi (Cow's Race) - Muhammad Fadli, Indonesia

The Pacu Jawi (Cow’s Race)

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The Jump - Nicola Bombassei, Italy

The Jump

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Powder-hound - Per Ottar Walderhaug, Norway


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Untitled - Polly Rothwell, UK


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The Door - Ricardo Vigil, Spain

The Door

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Gobstopper - Robert Patefield, UK


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Dewi Cahaya - Seto Wibowo, Indonesia

Dewi Cahaya

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Dog Race - Shui Kee Janet Yim, Hong Kong

Dog Race

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Goal - Shui Kee Janet Yim, Hong Kong


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Light at the End - Tamara Kulikova, UK

Light at the End

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Dragons - Vittorio Velasquez, Philippines


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At the Ending Point? - Yap Kok Hing, Malaysia

At the Ending Point?

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Through the Path - Nadav Dov Boretzki, Israel

Through the Path – Nadav Dov Boretzki, Israel

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