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Isolated tribe doomed to extinction in Brazil

October 14, 2009
Only five remain, all closely related or past child-bearing age, as a result of genocidal slaughter by settlers around 1990.
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They are the last survivors: all that’s left of a
once-vibrant civilisation which created its own religion and language,
and gave special names to everything from the creatures of the
rainforest to the stars of the night sky.

[Ururu, front left, with the last members of the Akuntsu, in a picture taken before she died this month. Most of the tribe was massacred by loggers in about 1990]
the long-planned realisation of
one of the most successful acts of genocide in human history
in the 1980s, their death warrant was effectively signed: farmers and
loggers were invited to begin exploring the region
the new migrant workers knew that one thing might
prevent them from creating profitable homesteads from the rainforest: the
discovery of uncontacted tribes, whose land is protected from development
under the Brazilian constitution.

At some point, believed to be around 1990, scores of Akuntsu were massacred at
a site roughly five hours’ drive from the town of Vilhena. Only seven
members of the tribe escaped, retreating deeper into the wilderness to

the Akuntsu gene pool cannot
allow it to survive another generation
it is therefore effectively doomed.
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