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When I say “I’m hungry!”, Damn it, I MEAN IT!

October 12, 2009
I never grow tired of the marvel of my polar cousins.
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A group of wildlife enthusiasts were looking forward to their lunch during an expedition to the Arctic island of Svalbard.
But they soon discovered a hungry polar bear was also rather keen to try their cauliflower soup.

polar bear
The giant predator poked his head through the open porthole into the kitchen of the ship, which had weighed anchor so the passengers could enjoy the fabulous icy landscape.

polar bear

Polar bears are the largest land based carnivores and treat all animals as potential prey

A Polar Bear wanders away

Defeated: The polar bear wanders away after failing to secure a quick and easy lunch

He stayed by the boat for another couple of hours and even stood on his hind legs to better investigate any scavenging potential.

polar bear
The incredible shots were taken by wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, who led an expedition on the M/S Stockholm.
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