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Bionic Humans

October 7, 2009
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cientists are getting closer to creating a bionic human, or at least a $6 million one. Today, we can replicate or restore more organs and various sundry body parts than ever before. From giving sight to the blind to creating a tongue more accurate than any human taste bud, gentlemen, we have the technology.
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Prosthetics for Your Brain

Replacing a part of your brain isn’t as simple as replacing a limb, but in the future it could be. Theodore Berger, a professor at the University of Southern California, created a computer chip that could take the place of the hippocampus, a part of the brain which controls short-term memory and spatial understanding. Frequently damaged by things like Alzheimer’s and strokes, a hippocampus implant could help maintain normal function in people who’d otherwise be severely disabled. Berger is still testing this implant, but he’d like to see more. He even wrote a book, “Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain,” in 2005.

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