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Adriana Lima, Miss Twitter

September 6, 2009

Adrian Lima, Miss TwitterIf Gisele Bündchen over earn Adriana Lima as the best paid super model, the brunette takes a gold medal as the most beautiful on Twitter, according to The Sun The style NTOs had access to the profile – which is private – the top. Well, always beats a question: is it herself or just someone posing as Adriana Lima? But the amount of photo-making of the routine and the girl – if it’s not her, it must be someone very close. In the sixth (29), she posted pictures of scenes of Maybelline’s new campaign.

The Brazilian leads the list with 49 other super  models that use Twitter. To delirium of fans, the photos posted helped decide the ranking. The photos are really amazing. Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Ashanti, Audrey Kitching, Brooke Burke, DJ Tamara Sky, Tila Tequila and Lily Allen are the top 10. Adriana – aka @ misslima “for twitter users on duty – is so popular that it has several profiles, fan-clubs….

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