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New form of carbon created.

August 28, 2009
This is a very nice one. And high speed transistors from MEG? This would provide many changes in all the electronic equipment we use daily.
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Researchers in the US and France have found what they claim is a new form of carbon. The new material is made from layers of graphene — sheets of carbon atoms just one atom thick — stacked on top of one another in such a way that each layer is electronically independent. The researchers claim that the material, dubbed multilayer epitaxial graphene (MEG), could be used in carbon electronics instead of costly single and double layer graphene sheets.

Graphene was first isolated only five years ago by exfoliating individual atomic layers from graphite by using transparent sticky tape. Since then graphene has amazed physicists with its high conductance at room temperature and with a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel making it one of the strongest materials ever tested.

The researchers are now attempting to make high speed transistors from MEG.
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