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Species Becoming Endangered

August 24, 2009

Scientists want species protected at Pacifica golf course
San Mateo County Times
“All endangered species are crammed into areas of over wash if there’s a catastrophic storm.” Additionally, the letter warns that rising sea levels are
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Idaho wolf hunt not just about saving elk, deer and domestic animals
and other anti-hunting groups are threatening a lawsuit to stop the hunt and at least temporarily put the wolf back on the Endangered Species List.
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Feds review mountain-dwelling pika for threatened-species list
Seattle Times
They have sued the feds to determine whether the animal should be listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. But others say losses of some
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Emblems of Hawaii a surprise to many Americans
San Francisco Chronicle
On the federal endangered species list since 1967, some 1800 nene live in the islands today. The most recent reintroduction program began in late 2001 on
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Sage grouse lek count finds slight decline
The US Fish and Wildlife Service is currently looking at whether the chicken-like bird should be considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act.
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The Associated Press

Army medic-training home fending off Texas sprawl
The Associated Press
The new ordinance holds developers to greater scrutiny in proving they’re not displacing endangered species. The Army says the bird renders potentially
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Groups try to block Idaho, Montana wolf hunts
The Associated Press
The request, filed Thursday by Earthjustice on behalf of 13 groups, is part of an ongoing lawsuit that seeks to restore federal Endangered Species Act
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Neiman’s Endangered Species Boots
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth
However, the ocelot is an officially endangered species and protected under the Endangered Species Act. Not a good or likely choice for Dallas-based luxury
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San Francisco Chronicle

Fetch the endangered species‘ poop, Spot — Good doggy!
San Francisco Chronicle
shelter dogs to become the dedicated, driven and uniquely well suited members of an important team that is saving endangered species around the world.
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Bat survey finds rare, endangered species
Belleville News Democrat
Among the bats were two endangered species, the gray bat and the Indiana bat. The survey also found southeastern and Rafinesque big-eared bats – species
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Endangered Species And Extinction
Endangered Species And Extinction. by on August 22, 2009. Extinction is for ever” used to be a green movement slogan. It is no longer completely true. Thanks to the wonders of genetic engineering, it is becoming.
News From Planet Earth –
Federal endangered species list could see 29 additions – Care2
By Cher C.
The news was mixed this week as the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it would move forward on a review of 29 plant and animal species and assess their inclusion on the federal endangered species list.
Care2 News Network –
10000 Birds at the British Birdwatching Fair
By Charlie
It was announced formally at the opening ceremony that the PDT, who are actively promoting ecotourism to help save the country’s threatened birds species, have agreed to become the BirdLife Species Champion for the Cebu Flowerpecker – a forward-thinking and This now iconic photo of a dead Spoon-billed Sandpiper represents perfectly just how severely threatened this Critically Endangered species now is. It was taken by my brother Nial Moores, Director of Birds Korea,
10000 Birds –
Wildlife Promise: Worldwide Search Is On For 47 “Lost” Bird Species
By Kevin Coyle
“BirdLife International is launching a global attempt … to try to confirm the existence of the critically endangered birds which, in some cases, have not been seen for more than 180 years. The list of birds which could have become extinct includes the slender-billed curlew, one of the last verified sightings of which was in the UK a decade ago. Other species being targeted by the international coalition of bird conservation groups include birds found in remote forests
Wildlife Promise –
Neiman Marcus Pulls Boots Incorrectly Advertised as Ocelot Fur Boots
This time, The HSUS found both stores selling $1500 fur-trimmed Manolo Blahnik boots that are advertised both as “cava fur” — a species that does not appear to exist-and “natural ocelot fur” – an endangered species that would be illegal –

Human Influence On Species Becoming Endangered
DealhackSave up to 50% or more off Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and Accessories plus save an extra $10 off orders of $50+ at species becoming Amazon
How Animals Are Becoming Endangered
There’s an unprecedented amount of attention to this becoming endangered vaccine said Michele Perrin a healthpromotion and communications manager with
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