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Vietnamese Conservationsists Try to Protect Wildlife from Being Eaten into Extinction

August 15, 2009
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Photo of monkey taken in Vietnam

Conservation experts estimate that the Vietnamese appetite for wildlife is responsible for increasing the country’s endangered species list from 300 to nearly 1,000 animals.

Fortunately, Vietnamese conservationists are stepping in before the country’s vulnerable species are “eaten to extinction.”

“The rich” have developed a taste for wildlife

Nguyen Dang Vang, deputy chairman of the National Assembly’s Science, Technology and Environment Committee said that residents who live in the wildlife reserves should be encouraged to give up poaching. He estimated that the local market has consumes an annual average of around 3,400 tons of wild meat, or one million individual creatures, 18 percent of which are illegal.

Professor Hyunh said that prior to 1990, wildlife was poached by locals in mountain regions, mainly for their own use.

However, the demand has increased substantially, as the rich in urban areas have acquired a taste for wildlife meat.
Wildlife not used for food is smuggled to China
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