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Making Lemon Balm

August 12, 2009
Great for the skin
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Skin Treatment: Heal with Organic Nourishing Raw Citrus Balm Recipe
Here is a surprising way to use lemon. Let’s make Lemon Balm. This incredibly fragrant Lemon Balm is quick and so easy to make. This recipe cleanses, softens, nourishes and heals the skin. The addition of fresh mint puts it over the top. It also makes a fabulous shave cream
Here is how to make it:
Seeds, white pith and yellow rind from 2-pounds lemons (sustainably-grown or organic or biodynamic)
Fresh peppermint stems from a small bunch (sustainably-grown or organic or biodynamic)
Minimum 1-cup to maximum 1-3/4 cups (dry measure) water (cool-temperature filtered or cool-temperature mineral-rich fresh spring water)
Place all ingredients into a high-powered heavy-duty blender along with the minimum of 1 cup of water.
Now, puree on ‘whole juice’ setting one time (with the extra 3/4 cup of water only if necessary)
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