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I Fear, Therefore I Buy

August 12, 2009
We are so afraid if we don’t look a certain way or smell a certain way that we are not going to be accepted by others, or worse yet, not going to get laid.
Corporate America knows our fears and knows sex sells.
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It has been a truism for thousands of years that sex sells
The not-so indirect implication to women: If you buy our product, you can look like this, feel like this, be desired like this. And to men: If you buy our product, you get her.

But not anymore.
Because the number one seller is no longer sex. It’s fear.
The only way to convince someone they can’t live without something is to make them worry.
The message is the same everywhere. Be afraid. Be very afraid
But I believe that what we are really afraid of more than anything else is not being attractive, accepted or loved. We are afraid of ourselves, of being alone, of stillness, of our own mortality.
Gadgets bring love, long life, good health, new friends, better jobs, clean lungs, big muscles and long-lasting on-demand erections.
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Viral fear inspires and rewards paranoia, greed, conformity, while it undermines self-worth, independence, connectedness with others and, worst of all, faith in God and a higher meaning in life.
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