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Nissan’s Electric Car

July 29, 2009
YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - JUNE 23:  Nissan Motor Co., ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Nissan Motor Co. showed off its super-quiet,
zero-emission electric car Monday — a key green offering for Japan‘s
No. 3 automaker, which has fallen behind in hybrid technology.

Company vows to be ‘leader in zero-emission vehicles

Image: Cutaway of electric car A Nissan employee shows a lithium-ion battery pack module for Nissan’s electric car.

showed the prototype in a Tiida compact that is already on sale. It is
withholding the unveiling of the electric car’s exterior design until
the Tokyo-based manufacturer opens its new Yokohama headquarters Aug. 2

“Nissan will be a leader in zero-emission vehicles,” Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said ahead of a test-drive event at the automaker’s facility in this Tokyo suburb. “EV is the answer.”

of Nissan’s electric vehicle are scheduled to begin in Japan and the
U.S. next year. Nissan says it plans to mass produce zero-emission cars
globally from 2012. Until then, Nissan will produce all initially
targeted 100,000 units at its Oppama plant, including export models.


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