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Is There an Undiscovered “Weird Life” on Earth? Leading Expert Says It Could Be Biggest Discovery Si

July 20, 2009
Anti life, as in anti matter?
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“The concept of a shadow biosphere is still just a theory. If someone discovers shadow life or weird life it will be the biggest sensation in biology since Darwin. We are simply saying, ‘Why not let’s take a look for it?’ It doesn’t cost much (compared to looking for weird life on Mars, say), and, it might be right under our noses.”

Paul Davies, director -Arizona State University -BEYOND Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science

Whenever we talk about the origins of life we assume that there was only one – the one which led to us.  This isn’t pure egocentricity, though, as there is a complete lack of evidence of any other kind of life.  Paul Davies says that may be because we don’t recognize what we’re seeing.
“Life as we know it appears to have had a single common ancestor, yet, could life on Earth have started many times? Might it exist on Earth today in extreme environments and remain undetected because our techniques are customized to the biochemistry of known life?”
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