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Washing machine uses just one cup of water

June 24, 2009
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An eco-friendly washing machine, which uses just one cup of water to wash a normal sized load of clothes, has been revealed.

The machine, which could go on sale as early as next year, was developed by boffins from Leeds University.

It replaces most of the water with reusable nylon polymer beads which attract and absorb dirt, cleaning clothes in the process.

Experts say this leaves clothes just as clean, but uses over 90 percent less water and 30 percent less energy.

Finally the breakthrough means that smelly hippies won’t have an excuse not to wash their clothes.

Inventor Professor Stephen Burkinshaw said: “Nylon polymers have an inherent polarity that attract stains.  Picture how white nylon garments can get dingy over time as dirt builds up on the surface despite repeated washing.”

“Dirt is not just attracted to the surface, it is locked into the center.  This is exactly what happens when Xeros nylon beads are gently tumbled with dampened garments.”
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