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Discovering Species in Nangaritza, Ecuador

June 24, 2009
A website of hope. This particular article just caught my eye. There is more info and photos at the source site.
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A glass frog whose organs can be seen through its transparent skin. A smiling bat. A hideously ugly salamander. These are just a few of the discoveries unearthed on a recent CI RAP expedition in Ecuador.

Located in southeastern Ecuador, near the Peruvian border, the Nangaritza River valley is mountainous, heavily forested and relatively inaccessible to most people. The upper river valley is known for its Tepuyes, or tabletop mountains, which are home to many species that are found nowhere else on earth, as well as other species whose populations are threatened in other locations but remain plentiful here.

Nangaritza’s isolation has not only helped to protect the mountain ecosystem from destruction, it has also long posed a challenge to detailed scientific study. Part of the region is under the protection of the Nangaritza Protected Forest, but wildlife experts believe that more land must be protected for this unique environment to thrive.

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