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World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

May 29, 2009

World’s largest solar plant with thermal storage to be built in Arizona,USA (by Lockheed Martin) will produce 290 meagawatt of electricity to power more than 73000 homes.

The plant will have 3,500 parabolic mirrors that will direct sun’s heat on to tubes containing a heat-transferring fluid.The tubes will convert water in to steam that will turn the turbines to produce power.



The key point is that the easiest way to deal with the intermittency of the sun is cheap storage — and thermal storage is much cheaper and has a much higher round-trip efficiency than electric storage. The ability to provide power reliably throughout the day and evening in key locations around the world (including China and India) is why concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) aka solar baseload delivers 3 of the 12 – 14 wedges needed for “the full global warming solution.


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  1. Moola Moo 55 permalink
    April 28, 2010 12:59 am

    das ist gut. ya, boot nine. It schelts 2. It covers to much land!

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