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Extinction Is Only Accelerating

May 26, 2009


Industrialisation, urbanisation and exploitation of resources have all accelerated the damage to nature and the countryside and have disturbed the delicate balance of ecosystems

It is estimated that around 100 species become extinct each day worldwide.

The dying out of species can also be a natural phenomenon. Earth has already witnessed five mass extinctions, the last of which dates back 65 million years. But the present rate of flora and fauna loss is unprecedented

Invasive alien species are making the problem worse

The introduction of invasive alien species, which tend to spread at the cost of indigenous ones, has made the problem worse. This issue is the main focus of Biodiversity Day on Friday

It is estimated that alien species have been a contributing factor in around 40 per cent of animal extinctions.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, alien species make up the second largest threat to biodiversity, after changes of habitat caused by man.

At the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002, the signatory countries to the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity agreed to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010.

The objective however seems unrealisable by most countries

The measures taken until now, for example the protection of biotopes, have not borne the hoped for fruits.

The species on the red list are still threatened and it is therefore imperative to draw up a new action strategy


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