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Kill mountain lions to save deer to kill deer

February 21, 2009
Nevada unveils a plan to let sport hunters shoot mountain lions – not because lions are causing a problem – but so there will be more deer to shoot in deer season.
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“Think that hunting is all about reducing deer populations? What if you learned that state wildlife agencies actually work to keep deer populations high–for the benefit of hunters who want to kill the deer
“state wildlife officials have announced a plan to kill more mountain lions to help increase the deer population.”
Nevada’s deer population fell from 240,000 in 1988 to 108,000 in 2008, while its current lion population ranges from 1,500 to 2,400
what they’re doing is
to remove animals with big teeth in order to promote the animals hunters like to shoot,” said D.J. Schubert, a wildlife biologist
Unfortunately, they’re making the mountain lion a scapegoat, despite the importance of the mountain lion as a top-line predator in any ecosystem
who gets to kill all these mountain lions? Sport hunters!
win-win for the hunters
They want to keep killing deer, and now the state government is telling them that they can kill bunches of mountain lions too, to make their deer hunting even easier

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