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Solar gadgets for the market

December 12, 2008
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Solar Ski Jacket from Zegna Sport ($1,350)
As you hit the slopes, solar cells in the jacket’s neoprene collar convert sunlight into energy to directly charge up gadgets such as iPods and cell phones or a rechargeable battery

Solar Ski Jacket
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Solio Classic ($99.95) portable charger
Adapter tips send the charge to everything from iPods and Game Boys to digital cameras and GPS devices

Solio Classic
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Voltaic Generator ($599)
efficient enough to fully charge a typical laptop with a day’s worth of direct sunlight

Volatic Generator
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SOLARJO Power Purse
to also house a battery and USB outlet for charging up gadgets
between $300 and $400 when it goes on sale

SOLARJO Power Purse
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Solar iPhone Charger from Solar Arcadia ($45.95)

Solar iPhone Charger
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LightCap200 ($24.95)
The LEDs turn the whole bottle into a glowing lantern. Fully charged, it will shine for six hours; a sensor automatically turns it off in daylight

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the Flapping Sea Gull ($13.95)
Other solar powered gizmos include a race car, a dancing grasshopper and a Viking ship

Flapping Sea Gull
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Solar Mini Clip Fan ($10)
people who
do just about anything to stay cool

Solar Mini Clip Fan
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