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Picture sparks claims of wood on Mars

December 7, 2008
It is the human deep wish, not to be alone in the universe. I think it is a way for us to validate our lives not only by mere chance. As if another being out there will make us more real.
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Picture sparks claims of wood on Mars

A photograph of the surface of Mars showing a mysterious object has prompted a wave of speculation over alien involvement.

The picture, which was taken as part of Nasa’s Mars Exploration Rover mission in May 2004, has given excitable internet message board users reason to believe that a civilisation has formed on the planet.

He told the Universe Today website that “sadly” there was no wood in the picture, adding: “I say ‘sadly’ because personally I think it would be incredible and spectacular to find a wooden plank on Mars. However, in this case, it’s just a trick of the lighting and the viewing angle.

He added: “What you’re seeing is a piece of flat, platy, layered sulfur-rich outcrop rock … Sometimes, like in this case, those flat, platy rocks have been tilted or dislodged, this one probably from the forces associated with the huge impact crater that formed nearby.

Wood on Mars picture
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