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my ears are older than i am

November 24, 2008
somewhat disconcerting. seems my hearing isn’t what it used to (or should) be.
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Now for those of you who don’t follow pop culture and web trends, et. al, a “mosquito tone” is simply a 17KHz sine wave that geeky youngsters have been known to use on their cell phone to alert them when they’ve got a text message so the teachers can’t hear it. See, studies say that most of us old folks (I’m over 30 now) can’t hear much above the 13-14KHz range. (See the full chart of who can hear what.)

Here are the sounds for you to test yourself with (Ren suggests headphones for best results, best meaning you’re still a young’un). They’re all 5-second long .mp3 files:


11 KHz
12 KHz
13 KHz
14 KHz
15 KHz
16 KHz
17 KHz
18 KHz

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