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Arctic whales trapped in ice

November 24, 2008
Map of the Arctic.

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least 200 narwhal whales in Canada’s Arctic, trapped by winter ice and
facing starvation or suffocation, must be culled, officials say.

from the village of Pond Inlet on Baffin Island discovered the animals
trapped near Bylot Island, about 17 kilometres from Pond Inlet, on
November 15.

local hunters are allowed to harvest only 130 whales each year for
food, according to standards set by the federal department of Fisheries
and Oceans.

department spokesman Keith Pelley said: “It’s unlikely the animals are
going to survive the winter, so the hunters have been given
authorisation to cull them.”

packs can melt in some areas while increasing elsewhere. But the
emotion-driven warmists love to find one glacier or one ice mass and
point to it as a sign of imminent disaster.
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