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Female Monkeys Chat More to Maintain Social Ties

November 23, 2008
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Female macaques are much chattier than male macaques, according to a new study. The researchers say vocal communication is an important part of macaque social bonding and the findings may reflect similar patterns in the evolution of human language. Klaus Zuberbühler, who studies primate communication, says social animals communicate to resolve the constant tension between a “need to compete and a desire to cooperate”
“The results suggest that females rely on vocal communication more than males due to their need to maintain the larger social networks”
The researchers also found that the females preferred to chat with other females. Greeno suggests this is because female macaques form solid, long-lasting bonds as they stay in the same group for life and rely on their female friends to help them look after their offspring. In contrast, males, who rove between groups throughout their life, chatted to both sexes equally
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