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Stop Europe From Exploiting Africa

November 17, 2008
Locator map for the European Union in 2007

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Change the way Europe trades

New European trade deals pose a serious threat to forests, biodiversity and livelihoods.

EPAs protest by the Africa Trade Network

EPAs will lock countries’ economies into a model based on the exploitation and export of their natural resources.

They will threaten the ability of African governments to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

Lift restrictions
on exports of raw materials.

Undermine small-scale business
like farmers and industries.

Hand rights to EU businesses
to exploit their natural resources.

The deals are the first wave of agreements with poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America as part of the EU’s ‘Global Europe’ trade strategy.

As the financial crisis has made clear, we can’t keep removing regulations from companies and giving them the freedom to do what they want.

EPAs will also cause African governments to:

Demand that he stops Europe’s destructive trade deals and makes trade work for people and the environment, not just corporations.
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