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November 17, 2008
Snorkelers  exploring the coral reef at Green ...

Image by Amit Karmakar via Flickr

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Red Sea researchers have found several shipwrecks have become thriving coral communities. These artificial reefs attract divers, easing human pressure on natural reefs.

Shipwrecks may have redeeming ecological value. The ships often become artificial reefs and habitats, providing shelter for the very creatures threatened by humanitys original intrusion.
Artificial Reefs: Trash to Treasure
Coral reefs all around the world are experiencing substantial decline, partly due to human activities,”
shipwreck becomes part of the natural environment,

“Ships made of wood provide a different hosting environment than those built of steel,” says Benayahu. “Steel is a very successful choice of reef as wood decays. Steel structures are also covered fast by calcareous algae, which provide an adequate surface for coral larvae to grow quickly.”

Another advantage of artificial reefs is that they can enhance the development of rare coral species that are not often found in natural reefs.
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