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Is the Rudd Government now all talk?

November 17, 2008
Blue whale populations have declined dramatica...

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Sadly it looks increasingly that the great moves initially by the Rudd Government of Australia have become little more than “hot air”. As if we need more Global warming!

Sea Shepherd have been left to soldier on alone as the Japanese practise their butchering of the whales.

Garrett, Australia’s environment spokesman was full of noise prior to his election – now he is ominously quiet. The excuse is that Australia is using diplomatic channels – and we know how mind-numbingly slow progress there can be devoid of the public gaze!

Comeon “Ozzies” stir the tripe out of your Government – it needs a rocket up its backside!

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Australia unlikely to monitor Japanese whaling

Australia’s government is unlikely to send ships to monitor Japanese whaling in the Antarctic this season, lawmakers said Tuesday, after clashes with activists last year led to a diplomatic protest from Tokyo.

Canberra last year sent a customs and fisheries icebreaker to shadow anti-whaling activists and the Japanese fleet, gathering photo evidence of the yearly research hunt for a possible international legal case against Tokyo.

But after high-seas clashes between the whalers and activists in the frigid Southern Ocean, the brief detention of activists on a whale hunting ship and diplomatic protests from Japan, Environment Minister Peter Garrett would not promise a repeat.

“The Japanese whaling fleet is expected to launch within the next month, yet still the government refuses to take any active steps to prevent this annual slaughter,” Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert told reporters.
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