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Skin Cancer Vaccine Announced

November 16, 2008
Ian Fraser bought you vaccination against 70% of cervical cancers, and heannounces vaccination against most skin cancer. But caution is still very necessary.
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Human trials of a world-first skin cancer vaccine could start as early as next year.

Professor Ian Frazer, who developed the vaccine for cervical cancer, is due to outline his latest skin cancer breakthrough at the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress in Brisbane tomorrow.

The former Australian of the Year will tell the conference the skin cancer vaccine has been successful in animal testing and it could be available to the public within five to 10 years.

But Cancer Australia CEO David Currow has warned that the vaccine will not prevent all skin cancers.

Mr Currow says it could be a revolutionary discovery, but people will still need to be careful.

“As we’ve seen with cervical cancer, although it may deal with 70 per cent of cancers of the cervix, the vaccine doesn’t deal with the other 30 per cent,” he said.

so it is with a vaccine related to skin cancer
most powerful things that we can do is reduce the risk by reducing our exposure to sunlight
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