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The President and “A Teen Planet”

November 15, 2008
The Audacity of Hope

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    • Mr. Obama will of course be mainly focused first on economic renewal and finding a way forward in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • But inevitably issues related to humanity’s growth spurt — both in numbers and resource demands — will come to the fore.
    • President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20 will become the most important leader of a species that has exploded in just six generations from a total population of 1 billion (around 1830) to a point today when teenagers alonenumber 1 billion, a species that is on a path toward more or less 9 billion people by mid-century. In numbers, think roughly of adding two Chinas on top of the one that exists today.
    • “There will be fiercer struggles over scarce resources, starker divisions along factional lines
    • We essentially live on “Planet Teen”� right now. Depending on the level of governance and economic opportunity they experience, today’s young people could either become soldiers or students, agitators or innovators, terrorists or teachers.
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