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Hyperion mini nuclear reactors to supply enough cheap power for a small town

November 13, 2008
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We’ve been hearing talk of mini-sized nuclear reactors for a year or longer, but now it looks like Hyperion is actually starting to build them. The hot tub-sized fission nukes, each capable of cranking out 25 megawatts of clean power (enough to run 20,000 homes), will use what’s called “low-enriched” uranium fuel.

The $25 million mini-nukes, also called “nuclear batteries,” will have no moving parts, and will be sealed up in a cask that’s buried deep underground, operating without the need for human intervention for five years at a time. They’re going to be cost-effective, too — in a 10,000-home community it would cost about $2,500 per home served. Many homeowners spend that much on energy in a year. If this happens, that’ll be some cheap power.

The company says it’s already begun construction of the first 4,000 units in three factories, with the initial 100 destined for industrial use in remote locations.
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