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Can ecology gain by the economic losses?

November 12, 2008
Worldwide governments are taking over banks to ‘save’ the economy. Wallstreet and other trademarkets respond by going up in recordspeed, so there seems to be a happy ending…..
I think that there is a way in which this financial crisis could be used in our advantage. If the governments decide: break down the barriers that are withholding developing countries to trade with the west
2. to only invest in companies that have sustainable policies,
there would be huge protests by those that will suffer in the short run. But the real entrepreneurs will find ways to make money in a way that will not only benifit them, but also have profits for the planet as a whole.
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Sacrificing Millennium Goals would be a real crisis
As the UN prepares to assess the Millennium Development Goals this week, will tension between the consumption of the North and the development of the South doom both to a future of crises and scarcity?
In the past year – each in only a matter of months – two parallel environmental and economic crises have seized global attention.
The unanticipated emergence of these crises symbolises how quickly events thought to be under control can spin out of it; how issues that seem to be independent of each other can set off mutually restricting limits on action; and how much closer than we’d realised the world might be to series of “tipping points” beyond which there are few constructive ways to avoid global catastrophe.
The important point is that any successful strategy must move towards reducing total consumption – especially among the affluent populations that have been guilty of the greatest excess.
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