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They just don’t fear heaven and earth

November 11, 2008
Cuneiform was the first known form of written ...

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“If anything, they are superior in many ways to us. Thinking too much about the future or worrying too much about the past is really unhealthy. The Pirah� taught me that very lesson. Living in the moment is a sophisticated way to live. I don’t see depression. I don’t see some of the things that afflict our society – and that’s not because they don’t face pressures.”An interesting story.
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The power of speech

Dan Everett with a member of the Piraha tribe
‘It’s wrong to try and convert tribal societies’ … Everett with a member of
the Piraha
Just 350 Pirah� (pronounced Pee-da-HAN) hunt and gather from their simple homes
in the Brazilian rainforest. Linguists believe their language is unrelated to
any other
Pirah� is tonal and speaking in a different pitch transforms the meaning of a
word. Unlike other tonal languages, Pirah� can also be hummed and sung
The Pirah� have no socially lubricating “hello” and “thank you” and “sorry”.
They have no words for colours, no words for numbers and no way of expressing
any history beyond that experienced in their lifetimes
Thirty years living with the Pirah� destroyed his evangelical faith in God
wrecked his marriage and estranged him from two of his three children
he is continuing his fight with Noam Chomsky in a debate that could transform
our understanding of human language.
they just don’t fear heaven and hell.”
an incredibly peaceful, sweet people
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