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Antarctica Warms; Scientists Say We’re To Blame

November 4, 2008
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Antarctica warms; scientists say we’re to blame

Antarctica had until now been the only continent where a human fingerprint of warming had not been detected by scientists — that meant some scepticssaid it might not be global at all.

Ice around the frozen continent has tended to expand in recent years — some climate experts have theories to explain that that could be a side-effect of warming linked to shifting ocean currents or changes in snow and rainfall.

Butmore ice obviously doesn’t soundaconvincingargument for global warming when a runaway melt of the summer sea ice in the Arctic — to a record low in September 2007– is often held upasExhibit A in the evidence for climate change.

The U.N. Climate Panel said last year that it was at least 90 percent certain that most of the global warming in the past half century was caused by human activities.Ten percent isroom for doubt, but it seems to be shrinking.

best explained by a build-up of greenhouse gases led by carbon dioxide.

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