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Five Brain Hacks That Will Help You Survive a Disaster

July 11, 2008
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We all like to fantasize about how awesomely we’d perform in the face of a disaster like a plane crash or zombie invasion. While you may imagine yourself pulling off Chuck Norris spin kicks and living off the land, a Ka-Bar knife and survival training will only get you so far. To get through a disaster alive, you need to react properly under horrible circumstances. Luckily, you can reprogram your brain to do it, but you have to start now. The August, 2008 issue of National Geographic Adventure focused on “Everyday lessons for making it out alive.” Author Laurence Gonzales offered a bunch of ways to cope better in a disaster simply by changing your way of thinking. Here are some highlights.
Use a Mantra
Don’t Be a Victim
Learn New Things
Stay Emotionally Cool
One Step at a Time
Decide which one thing is the most efficient and important thing for you to do right now, then do it. Then do the next thing
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