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Awesome Ineractive Websites

June 25, 2008
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Here are 10 websites that are a combination of the fun, the weird, the educational or the simply bewildering. Prepare to be awed!

Alien Empire

The Universcale

This amazing site shows you scale as you have probably never seen it
will give you a real idea of your place on the planet – or indeed the universe.

The Mini-Mizer

Interactive Radio

You can choose the genre, the mood of the music and the era from which it should come.
The website will then give you a very specific selection of the type of song that you have requested


Hypnotic and mesmerizing fun!

Mr. Picasso Head

Have you ever wanted to paint like Pablo Picasso? Here you get the opportunity


It is a step by step guide to what happens during an autopsy procedure

Neon Bible

A music video that is interactive? Possibly the shape of things to come,

Neave Television

If you enjoy channel hopping then this might be that ultimate experience you have been waiting for. Click on the screen to start hopping

Make a Flake

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