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Who were the Hurrians?

June 15, 2008
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on the dusty plains of what is now northeastern Syria was a spiritual center for a puzzling people called the Hurrians

their origin remains obscure
were far more than just another wandering tribe in the fractious Middle East.
strongly influenced the language, culture, and religion of later peoples
may have been present 1,000 years earlier–just as nearby Mesopotamians began to create the first cities
idea is at odds with a long-held belief among scholars that the Hurrians arrived much later from the Caucasus or some other distant region to the northeast, drawn to the fringes of civilization after the rise of the great southern Sumerian centers of Ur, Uruk, and Nippur
Hurrian, like Sumerian, is a language unrelated to Semitic
that dominated the region during and after the third millennium B.C
a sophisticated city with monumental architecture, plumbing, stonework, and a large population contradicts the idea that Hurrians were a roving mountain people in a strange land

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