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Alien Species Invading The British Isles

June 15, 2008
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species in the British Isles

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Grey Squirrel

Some of Britain’s best loved wildlife, including bluebells, red squirrels and water voles, are threatened by invasive species. The red squirrel has suffered since the introduction in the 19th century of the stronger, more adaptable, grey squirrel

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red eared terrapins

Red-eared terrapins, originally from the US, are foot-long former pets that can terrorise ducklings

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the American Signal Crayfish
described as a six inch long killing machine and voracious predator that has already annihilated the native White Claw species, and now threatens to completely overwhelm many fragile aquatic eco-systems
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British bluebells are threatened because they hybridise with Spanish bluebells

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American Mink
American mink
blamed for the collapse in water vole numbers
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Some invaders pose a risk to human health, like this giant hogweed, whose sap causes blistering

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Azolla fern
Azolla fern
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Japanese knotweed
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Water Pennywort
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