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The Plight Of Africa

June 11, 2008

Africa Running Out of Natural Resources

nigeria fishing festival

According to the conservation organization WWF, African countries
are slowly but surely draining the continent of its natural resources.
The statement is part of a report issued by the organization on
Africa’s ecological footprint – it takes into account a country’s land
and sea surface that is used in meeting the peoples’ consumption needs.
The report entitled “Africa-Ecological Footprint and Human Well-being”
was released along with a U.S.-based research body, the Global
Footprint Network.

“A growing number of African countries are depleting their natural
resources — or will shortly be doing so — faster than they can be
replaced,” said WWF President, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, in presenting the
findings to a Johannesburg conference.

The list is topped by countries such as Egypt, Libya or Algeria,
whose people are living well beyond their ecological means. Further
down the list, other nine countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Kenya,
Uganda, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe) are using
resources beyond their capacity. Despite these consumption needs,
Africa’s overall ecological footprint should be 1.3 hectares of land
and sea per capita, but is now at 1.1.

nigeria fishing festival

If it were to continue at this pace, scientists believe that we will
need the equivalent of two planets by 2050. Furthermore, Africa’s
population of 680 million is growing rapidly and is expected to
represent a quarter of the world’s population by 2050.

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