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Scientists to Launch Missle Attack on the Moon -Will Jupiter’s Europa Follow?

June 11, 2008
This is obviously a good plan that will probably bring many insights at a relatively low price. And yet…. I cannot escape the feeling that it is not very elegant; this primitive human trait of blowing things up, even if it is done in the name of science.
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Researchers are preparing to launch a missile attack on the moon in the name of science.  If you’re anything like us, this news has you fist-pumping and thinking “It’s about time!”
As the name suggests,
these missiles aren’t designed to blow the moon up (sorry to disappoint
any Michael Bays out there) but to embed themselves into the lunar
From under the lunar soil a battery of seismic sensors and mineral
analyzers can uncover a wealth of information about the moon’s makeup.
The moon is only the first planned stop for Qinetiq’s kinetic
probes.  The same approach can be applied to other rocky planets like
Enceladus and Titan, though the most interesting destination has to be
Europa.  Long suspected of hiding a liquid ocean in a heated core, a
prime life-capable site, seismic data from inside the icy shell would
be extremely revealing.
The recent tests exceeded all expectations.
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