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UK to give waterless washing machine a spin

June 10, 2008
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UK to give waterless washing machine a spin

A man puts his laundry into a washing machine, part of an art istallation in Berlin's city center, in a file photo. (File/Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) –
A washing machine using as little as a
cup of water for each washing cycle could go on sale to
environmentally conscious Britons next year.

Xeros Ltd, which has been spun out of the University of
to commercialize the technology, said on Monday the new
machines would use less than 2 percent of the water and energy
of a conventional washing machine.

Plastic chips are used to remove dirt and stains from
clothes, leaving them dry and reducing energy consumption as
there is no need to use a dryer after the washing cycle, Xeros
said in a statement.

A typical washing machine uses about 35 kilograms of water
for every kilogram of clothes, in addition to the power needed
to heat the water and dry the clothes

There are more than two million washing machines sold in
Britain annually, with a value of about 1 billion pounds, Xeros

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